Fire fighting system


CE Declaration of Conformity


Each fire-fighting system and every FIREBOX produced by Idroelettrica spa is equipped with a: CE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY prepared in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.

According to the directive, it must include: the TYPE of the product or its SERIES the SERIAL NUMBER of the product that will uniquely identify both the product and the technical database. the DIRECTIVE and STANDADS that have been used as a reference in the design, implementation and testing of the product (UNI EN 12845 / UNI 11292) SIGNATURE of the REPRESENTATIVE of the producing the SIGNATURE OF THE CERTIFICATION PROCEDURE.

Only following this process and these rules, we can assure that the certificate complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive and the CE marking could be affixed on it.

On the market a lot of booster sets are offered that either are not equipped of any declaration of conformity or  the issued certificates are real fakes, because supplied units do not respect the UNI EN 12845 / UNI 11292 standards.

We invite you to compare our products only with those manufacturers who can provide correct certifications and we recommend, whenever you ask for an enquiry, to ask a facsimile of certification, in order to value their reliability.

Please take note that in the Official Journal of 22 September 2011 was published a decree containing the new implementing regulations of Presidential Decree 151 of August 1, 2011. With this DPR, the criminal responsibility of the designer and the owner of the system are expanded. In order to avoid penalties, it is therefore necessary to pay great attention to the choice of the components, their compliance with applicable technical standards and their certification conditions.