Business Idea

Idroelettrica S.p.A. has always produced in full compliance with all laws and technical regulations in force.
Its products represent the highest quality standard on the market and have become the benchmark against which the other systems currently on the market are evaluated.
Producing in compliance with laws and regulations may seem obvious, but in reality machines and systems are offered on the market that often go a long way from them.  
Our choice to produce by applying standards and decrees to the letter, puts our customers and the technicians who professionally support them, in the condition of not having uncertainties related to their assumption of responsibility.
Researchdevelopment and constant innovation of its products is not the only objective of Idroelettrica S.p.A. In fact, the company is always ready to accept new production challenges, linked to new markets and new products, in which to apply its basic philosophy.
A philosophy based on the excellence of the production systems, on the quality of the products, on the careful listening to the requirements of its customers and on the identification, together with them, of the technological flaws and the normative gaps that prevent the full use of the resources invested and render daily work frustrating.

The constant identification of the “right road” allows us, together with our customers, to do the “right thing” for us and for them, every day.
Improving ourselves and the world of our customers is the true objective of our work.